Beware the Fifth of March

My husband and I are celebrating our eighth anniversary this March 5th (for our wedding on the beach in Hawaii, a week before he deployed to Afghanistan). There are many ways a couple could spend this happy day, but KC and I are marking the occasion by doing a Livestream chat at!/WhattheWorldIsReading

We won’t be giving marriage advice from my little home office, we’ll be talking books, specifically You Know When the Men Are Gone. My husband will be acting as the moderator (Penguin recommended I get myself a ‘helper’ to field the questions) and I will be the terrified lady sitting next to him (I am a little shy), eager to chat, hoping people are actually asking questions to necessitate his role as helper.

So for those of you who have any questions about the book, or are just curious to see how red in the face this Irish gal can get, please go online and help an author out with a question or comment, 3 p.m (Eastern Standard Time), Monday, March 5, and make this a memorable anniversary for me and my good-sport, handsome muse (it’s no accident that I dedicated my book to this guy).

Oh, and below are photos of how we looked when we were young. To see how we look now (old, haggard, beaten up by deployments and parenthood), you’ll have to tune in on Monday…

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3 Responses to “Beware the Fifth of March”

  1. Leslee

    How exciting! Congratulations on both the anniversary and the livestream! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Kate

    Well, I think I will tune in if I can…now to think of some high brow literary questions!

  3. Chrystal

    I didn’t get to watch it live, but when I got home from the school run I put on your livestream to play in the background as I work on school stuff for the kids. You guys both sounded great, Siobhan! I really wished I could have watched live, but it was nice to hear the questions and the answers you gave. I am really looking forward to the book that you’re working on, YKWTMAG was such a gem to read.

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